The car wouldn’t start,


so I phoned the RAC.


I needed some advice,


so I asked my friend.


The CD was expensive,


because it was a new release.


It’s really windy today,


but tomorrow should be a better day.


I went to bed at 10.30pm,


because I had to get up early the next day.


I don’t like getting sunburnt,


so I always take my suntan lotion with me.


He didn’t feel very well,


so he asked if he could leave the lesson.


They hardly ever come on time,


but I don’t really mind.


Her project was interesting


and fun to look at.


The shop closes at 7.30pm,


but stays open late on Friday nights.


We don’t know her,


or her family.


The concert finished early,


so we went for a meal.


I’ve got a hangover


and I don’t feel well at all.


It’s usually cold in here,


because he always leaves his windows open.


You might get in for free,



or you might have to pay.