A. Complete each sentence using either yesterday or tomorrow:



1. I went to the cinema ____________________.


2. I’m playing golf ____________________.


3. We had an early lunch ____________________.


4. Her sister is going into hospital ____________________.


5. What time are you getting up ____________________?


6. I’m taking the car to the garage first thing ____________________.


7. My brother moved house ____________________.


8. Did you see that new music shop in town ____________________?


9. I met Lisa and Isabella for a coffee ____________________.


10. He’s visiting his friend ____________________ afternoon.


11. There was a lot of noise outside ____________________.


12. We’re going swimming ____________________ morning.


13. Are you coming round ____________________ evening?


14. He wasn’t at work ____________________ afternoon because he went to hospital for an appointment.


15. John was in Birmingham all day ____________________ for a meeting.



B. Underline the main verb/s in each sentence (including compound verbs).



C. If the sentence contains an auxiliary verb (helping verb), circle it.