Idioms are spoken or written sentences where the meaning is not obvious from the individual words used.


Match the idioms with the meaning keywords below:



  1. Your account is in the red.


  1. Fingers crossed!


  1. It was a piece of cake!


  1. Donít make a mountain out of a molehill.


  1. Shut up!


  1. The design was cutting edge.


  1. Break a leg!


  1. Take it easy, canít you?


  1. Itís been raining cats and dogs outside.


  1. Sheís really tight-fisted.




Meaning Keywords:



a)       Stop talking.


b)       Easy.


c)       Donít get angry.


d)       Get some perspective.


e)       Good luck for everyone.


f)         Mean.


g)       Modern.


h)       Good luck for actors.


i)         Heavy weather.


j)         Overdrawn.