Complete the sentences below using one of these words:



engaged     widow     dysfunctional     ex-husband     fiancée     gay


great-grandfather     widower     girlfriend     children





“My last partner was called Dave. He has two  ________________________.”


“I live with my current partner Brian. I’m  ____________________________.”          


“Brian’s mum is dead. His dad Keith is a  ____________________________.”


“My little sister and her boyfriend have just got  _______________________.”


“My grandma often talks about her dad. He was my








“My mum has lived on her own for ten years since my dad died. She’s a 





“I was married for six years. I don’t really see Jon. He’s my 





“My brother is always going on about Lena, his new  ___________________.”        


“If I get engaged to my current partner Nick, I’d be his  _________________.”


“Nick’s family isn’t really normal. You could say it’s  ____________________.”