A. Complete each sentence using either yesterday or tomorrow:



1. I gave them some homework ____________________.


2. I’m not going on holiday until ____________________.


3. I missed the last bus ____________________, so I had to walk home.


4. It was cold ____________________, wasn’t it?


5. Sally is getting her exam results ____________________.


6. We packed our suitcases ____________________ evening.


7. Is he still cooking lunch for his girlfriend and her family _______________?


8. Bob and Janet are coming round for a game of cards ____________________ night.


9. We’re flying to Spain ____________________ afternoon.


10. He’s playing football for a couple of hours __________________ morning.


11. I saw your friend Ian in Sainsbury’s ____________________.


12. I’m doing all my ironing ____________________.


13. We both bought the same pair of shoes ____________________.


14. Is he going to tell you about the course ____________________, or later on today?


15. Jen swam forty lengths of the pool ____________________.



B. Underline the main verb/s in each sentence (including compound verbs).



C. If the sentence contains an auxiliary verb (helping verb), circle it.