Complete each sentence using either yesterday or tomorrow:




1. I’m going to visit my sister ____________________ afternoon.


2. I went to my friend’s house after work ____________________ evening.


3. The cricket match started at 2pm ____________________ afternoon.


4. I’m not going to play golf ____________________. I had a good game ____________________.


5. We’re going to buy a present for our friend ____________________.


6. Rita told me ____________________ that she’s going to quit her job.


7. I watched that film you told me about ____________________. It was brilliant.


8. Are you going to get some more potatoes ____________________?


9. She got up at quarter to ten ____________________ morning!


10. She’s going to get up earlier ____________________ morning.


11. I’m going to book a restaurant first thing ____________________.


12. He was really tired ____________________, so he stayed at home all day.


13. I saw Ben ____________________. He’s going to call you ____________________ night.


14. I finished reading that book you lent me ____________________.


15. Are you going to leave ____________________ or on Monday?