Put a circle around the letter of the best answer to each question or comment below:




1. Did you have a good flight?


a) It was cheap.

b) Terrible!

c) A good way to travel.

d) Yes, please.


2. Is this the way to the church?


a) It’s near here.

b) He knows the way.

c) I often go here.

d) I don’t think so.


3. I’m tired.


a) It’s OK.

b) So was I.

c) It’s boring.

d) Have a break.


4. Do you want to go out tonight?


a) Yes, really.

b) I’m not going.

c) No, really.

d) Not really.


5. How much sugar do you want in your coffee?


a) So much.

b) Not much.

c) Too much.

d) Little bit.


6. Where’s the TV guide?


a) It doesn’t know.

b) In the table.

c) On the table.

d) It’s not usually there.


7. What time did your friends come round?


a) Later.

b) About eight o’clock.

c) Yesterday evening.

d) Two of my friends came.


8. Did you know that this restaurant is closing down?


a) Yes, I always knew.

b) No, I don’t know.

c) What time?

d) No, I didn’t know.


9. Do you want fries with that?


a) Thank you, my good man.

b) Yes, sir.

c) Thanks.

d) If you don’t mind awfully.


10. There’s someone outside.


a) Where are they?

b) Is there?

c) Is it?

d) He’s outside.