Put a circle around the letter of the best answer to each question or comment below:




1. When are you getting married?


a) Not often enough.

b) Sometimes.

c) Sometime next summer.

d) Later on.

2. Howís it going?


a) It went about an hour ago.

b) Itís going with us.

c) The sun is shining.

d) Fine.

3. Whatís the weather doing?


a) Itís chucking it down.

b) Iím boiling.

c) Itís chucking it up.

d) It was raining yesterday.

4. Did you watch that DVD I lent you?


a) We didnít get started.

b) About half of it.

c) There was nothing to watch.

d) Yes, any time.

5. Can Anna stay for dinner?


a) Whatever she wants.

b) Sheís coming downstairs.

c) If she wants.

d) No, weíre having dinner.

6. My brother has just bought a new house.


a) Really good.

b) Really?

c) Whatís his name?

d) That was great.

7. Everyoneís gone out.


a) Oh. Do you know where?

b) Oh. Theyíve taken their time.

c) Itís early.

d) Why didnít they tell her?

8. Can you lend me a pound for the bus home?


a) In a few days.

b) Sorry, I canít come with you.

c) Here it is.

d) Here you are.

9. Thereís something wrong with my car.


a) I didnít know.

b) You should have known.

c) How do you know?

d) Did you know?

10. Did you leave the kitchen light on?


a) Yes, it was Paul.

b) Only by mistake.

c) The light was left on.

d) What a waste of money.