Complete each sentence using either yesterday or tomorrow:




1. Phil’s going to meet Abdul in town ____________________ afternoon.


2. Sereta didn’t look very happy when I saw her ____________________.


3. We didn’t get our exam results ____________________ as promised.


4. Is James going to go on the trip ____________________?


5. The builders finished early ____________________; at about 5 o’clock.


6. Sarah and Natalie are going to travel to London ____________________.


7. Are you going to see that new Mel Gibson film when it comes out ____________________?


8. Did you watch the news ____________________?


9. You’re going to feel tired ____________________ after all that exercise!


10. Did you send me an email ____________________?


11. I’m going to wash the car ____________________.


12. Because my sister fell out with her best friend ____________________, they’re not going to the gig ____________________ night.


13. Pete said he’s going to walk to work ____________________.


14. ____________________, Olivier said that he isn’t going to come to class next week because it’s his granddad’s birthday on Monday.


15. Were you at home ____________________ evening?