Put a circle around the letter of the best answer to each question or comment below:




1. The film starts in half an hour.


a) What time is it?

b) Itís on time.

c) Weíd better hurry then.

d) Itís on soon.

2. Which bus goes to Liverpool?


a) The number 28 has gone.

b) Iím not sure.

c) We canít go by train.

d) The three oíclock is coming.

3. Have you ever been to Portugal?


a) Yes, an hour ago.

b) Two years ago.

c) Not really, no.

d) Only by road or rail.

4. I canít pay my gas bill this month.


a) Oh dear.

b) How nice for you.

c) Thatís odd.

d) Please pay it.

5. This is my brother, Simon.


a) How old are you?

b) Have you got any children?

c) Do you want to go out tonight?

d) Hi.

6. Do you want a lift to the concert?


a) Give me a lift.

b) I donít care.

c) No, I canít.

d) Iím alright, thanks.

7. Excuse me, where are the toilets?


a) Turn left and go through the double doors.

b) Turn left and go through a double doors.

c) Turn left and go through the double door.

d) Turn left and go through a double door.

8. Are you Natalie Brown?


a) No, heís upstairs in a meeting.

b) No, sheís upstairs in a meeting.

c) No, theyíre upstairs in a meeting.

d) No, heís not here today.

9. See you tomorrow.


a) No way.

b) Really soon.

c) Why wait?

d) See you.

10. When does the next course start?


a) Two weeks ago.

b) Quite often.

c) As soon as possible, please.

d) The week after next.