Put a circle around the letter of the best answer to each question or comment below:




1. How old are you?


a) One hundred and eighty.

b) I’m young.

c) Nearly eighteen.

d) I have eighteen years old.


2. My GP is retiring soon.


a) You’ll have to find a new one.

b) He is very tired.

c) Do you know how often?

d) My doctor told me.


3. Chocolate cake is bad for you.


a) I can’t eat it.

b) I’m too unhealthy.

c) I shouldn’t eat chocolate.

d) No, it’s not!


4. Did you book the holiday?


a) Yes, I have.

b) Yes, I did.

c) Yes, I’d like to.

d) Yes, I do.


5. Good morning, you’re through to the council house. Which department, please?


a) I want the council house.

b) What’s your name?

c) Good morning.

d) Housing, please.


6. I came to class early but there was nobody there.


a) Who was there?

b) Why were you early?

c) Why weren’t they there?

d) Who was early?


7. What’s your e-mail address?


a) www.englishbanana.com.

b) 29 Spring Lane, Newcastle.

c) rach990@englishbanana.com.

d) Yahoo and Hotmail.


8. Can I see your passport, Madam?


a) Why?

b) Here she is.

c) Why not?

d) Yes, of course.


9. I’ve broken my leg playing football.


a) You poor thing!

b) How’s it going?

c) Why have you broken it?

d) Did you win?


10. Do you like rap music?


a) Yes, it’s in the morning.

b) No, I haven’t got it.

c) Quite often.

d) Some of it.