Bob Hunter is forty years old. He lives in Derby with his wife and three children. His wife’s name is Linda and she is an artist. Their eldest child, Richard, is studying Engineering at Derby University. Their middle child is called Claire. She’s fourteen and a student at Derby Grammar School. Their youngest child is Sally, who is twelve. She enjoys horse-riding and cycling. Bob is an accountant and works for Toyota at Burnaston. He enjoys his job but always looks forward to the weekend, when he can spend some quality time on the golf course. He is a member of Mickleover Golf Club and has been playing since he was eleven years old.





1.   Who is the paragraph about?                      ________________________

2.   How old is he?                                               ________________________

3.   Where does he live?                                     ________________________

4.   Is he married?                                               ________________________

5.   How many children does he have?             ________________________

6.   What is his wife’s name?                             ________________________

7.   What does his wife do for a living?             ________________________

8.   What is the name of their eldest child?       ________________________

9.   What subject is he studying?                       ________________________

10. How old is Claire?                                       ________________________

11. Which school does she go to?                   ________________________

12. What is the name of their other child?       ________________________

13. How old is she?                                            ________________________

14. What hobbies does she enjoy?                  ________________________

15. What does Bob do for a living?                  ________________________

16. Which company does he work for?            ________________________

17. Does he like working there?                       ________________________

18. What does he do at the weekend?            ________________________

19. What is the name of his golf club?             ________________________

20. At what age did he start playing?               ________________________