Serena and George are on holiday in Devon, UK. Serena says to George:





的 think tomorrow we can have a lie in until about 8.30, then have a shower, then have breakfast. If you don稚 mind, I値l have cereal and you can have a fry-up, but you値l have to cook it, as I can稚 stand cooking meat. After that, you can wash up, while I have a walk down to the village to get the papers. I値l get a Telegraph for me and a Mirror for you, as I know you like doing the crossword. When I get back I thought we could play tennis for a couple of hours. Then you can drive me to the coast, where we can find a nice restaurant to have lunch. I値l probably order a large salad and you can have a fresh seafood dish, if you like. After lunch I値l want to relax for a while and be alone, so you値l have to go out on your own somewhere. You should either explore the town, or go to the beach for a couple of hours. We値l meet up again at about 5 o団lock for dinner. Then I値l want you to take me out for a drink, or we could always go to the theatre. I think they致e got a comedy on at the moment. After our evening out I値l be pretty tired so I値l probably just go straight to bed. I知 looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow, George, dear. Does everything sound alright to you?





  1. Who is speaking?
  2. Where are they having their holiday?
  3. What time will they get up?
  4. What does Serena want for breakfast?
  5. What can George have for breakfast?
  6. Who will make George痴 breakfast?
  7. What will George do while Serena is getting the papers?
  8. What paper will Serena get for herself?
  9. Why will she get the Mirror for George?
  10. How long will they play tennis for?
  11. Where is Serena planning to have lunch?
  12. What can George have for lunch?
  13. What does Serena want to do after lunch?
  14. What does she suggest that George can do?
  15. What time will they meet up for dinner?
  16. What does Serena want to do after dinner?
  17. What type of play is on at the theatre?
  18. What is Serena planning to do after that?
  19. Do you think George will agree to all of Serena痴 plans? Why?/Why not?
  20. Do you think they will both enjoy the day? Why?/Why not?