Use only the following information to find the answers:



Tim has £3.47.


He gives £2 to John, who already had £10.75.


Tim’s sister, Clare, takes £20 out of the bank and gives half to Lisa.


Lisa spends £4.99 on a t-shirt and gives the rest back to Clare, who then lends £2.50 to Jalal.


Jalal owes a pound to his brother, so he gives him three quarters of that.


John gives £5.58 to Keith, who needs it because he owes a fiver to Kathy.


She puts it with the 68p that she already has in her pocket, then withdraws £60 from a cashpoint and gives a quarter of that to Laurie, who spends a third and shares the rest equally between her cousins, Jalal and Ruby.



How much money does each person have now?



1. Tim has                               ________________________________________


2. John has                             ________________________________________


3. Clare has                            ________________________________________


4. Lisa has                              ________________________________________


5. Jalal has                              ________________________________________


6. Jalal’s brother has               ________________________________________


7. Keith has                             ________________________________________


8. Kathy has                            ________________________________________


9. Laurie has                           ________________________________________


10. Ruby has                           ________________________________________