Complete each sentence using either yesterday or tomorrow:



1. Did you know I saw Steven ____________________?


2. What time will the lesson finish ____________________?


3. I was going to ring you ____________________, but I didn’t have time.


4. Jean caught the bus to work ____________________ morning.


5. He would’ve liked to have seen you before you left ___________________, but never mind.


6. Both of us will be starting the new course ____________________ afternoon.


7. It will be almost impossible to finish this essay by ____________________!


8. I was in Bristol ____________________, visiting my old friends Raphael and Henry.


9. Are you sure you had an appointment booked for ___________________?


10. Jamie said that he should have finished mending the fence by ____________________ afternoon.


11. I couldn’t ask you about the report ____________________ because you weren’t in.


12. Samantha found out ____________________ that her parents are splitting up.


13. The concert starts at seven ____________________.


14. If I swim fifty lengths ____________________, my teacher said she will enter me into the competition.


15. I couldn’t ring you ____________________ because I didn’t have any credit on my phone.