Sian phones her friend Khalid and leaves a message on his answerphone:


“Hi, Khalid. I’ve just checked the train times for Tuesday next week and I’ve found a train from Derby to Edinburgh that takes about four and a half hours. Well, four hours and twenty-three minutes to be precise. It leaves Derby at 9.16 in the morning and gets into Edinburgh at 13.39. You have to change once, at Newcastle. It gets into Newcastle at 11.52 and leaves at 12.01. The train to Newcastle is run by Virgin Trains and the train you get from Newcastle to Edinburgh is run by GNER. There is a faster service but it leaves Derby later in the morning – at 10.14 – and you have to change at Darlington. It gets into Darlington Station at 12.14 and then you’ve got a seven-minute wait before your next train leaves. It gets into Edinburgh at 14.21. If you get the first train I can meet you at two o’clock. My sister and her friend never finish work until half past two so they can only come with me to meet you if you get a later train. Let me know which train you’re coming on. If you want to come later just let me know. I’ll be in tonight until half eight-ish, then I’m going out with Michelle. Or you could give me a ring tomorrow night. I’ll be at my mum’s, on 0131 600 46220. I’m going there after work, so ring me any time after about quarter past six and you should catch me there. Oh yes, the number to find out train times is, er, 08457 484950. You could always give them a ring yourself and find out about a different time.”




  1. Who is speaking?
  2. Who does she leave a message for?
  3. Where is her friend travelling from and going to?
  4. How long exactly does the first journey from Derby to Edinburgh take?
  5. How long exactly does the second journey from Derby to Edinburgh take?
  6. How many changes are there during the first journey?
  7. How long does it take the first train to get from Derby to Newcastle?
  8. Where do you have to change during the second journey?
  9. How long does it take the second train to get from Darlington to Edinburgh?
  10. Which of the two trains taken during the first journey is run by Virgin Trains?
  11. Write in words the time that the second train gets into Edinburgh.
  12. What is the name of the other train company mentioned?
  13. Do you know of a faster way to get from Derby to Edinburgh?
  14. What time does the caller’s sister finish work on Tuesdays?
  15. If her friend gets the second train, how many people will meet him at the station?
  16. What time is the caller going out tonight?
  17. Who is she going out with?
  18. When is the caller’s friend hoping to travel?
  19. When will the caller next be at her mum’s?
  20. What is the phone number you can call to find out train times?