Carolina is telling Lizzie about the first lesson of her new English class:


“Well, I was nervous before it started. There were eight of us altogether, including the teacher. My teacher’s name is Charlotte. She’s only been working there for two months. She used to teach in Spain. The first thing we did was stand in a circle and we had to try to learn everybody’s name, age and where they come from. I don’t know if I can remember all of them, but I’ll try. There was someone called Alexandre. He’s from Portugal too and he’s 23. No, he was 24. There was Mohammad, from Kirkuk in Iraq. He’s 30 – two years older than me. There were two other women – Hélène and Yui-Gui. Hélène’s 38 and comes from France. She was a bit loud and I didn’t talk to her much. Yui-Gui was really nice. We worked together – she was my partner for some of the lesson. She’s from China and used to live in Beijing before she moved to England. She’s 41 years old and married with two children. Patrick came half an hour late. He’s 57 and comes from Eritrea in Africa. Charlotte said that he’s got to come on time if he wants to stay in the class. The other student was Kamal. He was very quiet and didn’t want to tell anyone his age, but I asked him at break-time; he told me that he’s 29. He’s from Afghanistan.”





  1. Where did Charlotte used to teach?
  2. Which student was quiet and which was loud?
  3. Which city and country does Mohammad come from?
  4. Who is French?
  5. Who is 28 years old?
  6. What is the name of the teacher?
  7. How old is Alexandre?
  8. Who comes from China?
  9. How many students were female and how many were male?
  10. Where does Patrick come from?
  11. In which city did Yui-Gui used to live?
  12. Who is the oldest student in the class and who is the youngest?
  13. How old is Hélène?
  14. Who is Eritrean?
  15. Who used to live in Spain?
  16. Who is Portuguese?
  17. How many children does Yui-Gui have?
  18. Who is 29 years old?
  19. Who came late to the class?
  20. What is the average age of the students?