Graham is telling his friend Marco about what happened yesterday:


“I woke up yesterday morning and looked at my alarm clock. It said 2.15pm! I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was late for work, so I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. The clock on the wall in there was two and a half hours ahead of the one in the bedroom. It was very confusing! I had a shower then went downstairs. The clock in the hall was an hour behind the one in the bathroom. When I went into the kitchen I looked at the clock on the microwave, which was three and a quarter hours ahead of the one in my bedroom. I found out later that day that my flatmate, Gordon, had changed all the clocks in my house for a joke. He thought it was very funny. In the living room the clock on the video said it was 3.30am, while in the guest bedroom the clock on the wall next to the window was two hours and twenty-five minutes slower than that. I went into the study and picked up my watch. It was eight hours ahead of the one in the kitchen. I was due at work at 8.30am and didn’t want to be late. I went outside into the garden and looked in at the window of my shed. The clock on the wall in there was three hours behind my alarm clock. There was a postman walking past, but he didn’t know the time. He said that when he left the sorting office an hour or two ago he thought it was about six o’clock. In the end I phoned my brother Alan in Toronto, Canada, and he was really annoyed because I’d woken him up, along with his whole family. He said it was 2.44 in the morning their time. I had forgotten that in Toronto they’re five hours behind us. That’s how I finally found out what time it was!”



What time was it… (use either ‘am’ or ‘pm’)


  1. …in the study?                                                __________________________
  2. …in the living room?                                       __________________________
  3. …in the guest bedroom?                                __________________________
  4. …in the hall?                                                   __________________________
  5. …in Toronto, Canada?                                   __________________________
  6. …in the shed?                                                 __________________________
  7. …in the bedroom?                                          __________________________
  8. …in the kitchen?                                             __________________________
  9. …in the bathroom?                                         __________________________
  10. …at the end of the story? (the right time!)      __________________________


More questions…


  1. What is Graham’s friend called?                    __________________________
  2. What time did Graham have to be at work?   __________________________
  3. Who changed the clocks in Graham’s house?  ________________________
  4. Where does Graham’s brother live?              __________________________
  5. Why was he angry with Graham?                  __________________________