Have fun with this quick quiz. It’s ideal for team or individual use:




1.         What is the capital city of the UK?


2.         What colour is grass?


3.         Write five different prepositions.


4.         Write five different things that you can find at the dentist’s.


5.         What can you do at a train station?


6.         Write five different things beginning with the letter ‘a’.


7.         Write the names of three different rivers in England.


8.         What is the first day of the week?


9.         John was born in May 1926 and died in October 2001. How old was he when he died?


10.       Name an animal that goes ‘neigh’.


11.       In which room of your house can you watch TV?


12.       Add together £2.40 and £4.60.


13.       Is ‘23’ an odd or an even number?


14.       Write this time in words: 8.45 pm.


15.       Write this number in words: 1,234.


16.       What is John Major famous for?


17.       How many vowels are there? Name them all.


18.       Spell the word ‘accommodation’.


19.       What is the opposite of ‘big’?


20.       Who is the tallest person in your team?