Try making your own quick quiz (for team or individual use) with this handy template:



1.         What is the capital city of…? (e.g. France)


2.         What colour is…? (e.g. milk)


3.         Write five different… (e.g. nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions)


4.         Write five different things that you can find… (e.g. at a cinema)


5.         What can you do at…? (e.g. a museum)


6.         Write five different things beginning with the letter… (e.g. ‘r’)


7.         A geography question (e.g. ‘Name a river in Africa’)


8.         A question using ordinal numbers (e.g. ‘What is the fourth letter of the alphabet/day of the week/month of the year?’ etc.)


9.         How many years has ‘x’ been married…? Or how old is ‘x’…?

            (Make up a person and their date of birth or the date when they got married and ask how long ago it was from today’s date)


10.        A question about the animal kingdom, or about transport (e.g. ‘Name an animal that lives underground’ or ‘How many wheels does a car have?’)


11.        In which room of your house can you…? (e.g. have a bath)


12.        Numbers – add together ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’… (or subtract, multiply, divide, etc.)


13.        Numbers – is ‘x’ an odd or an even number? (e.g. ‘5’ is an odd number and ‘6’ is an even number)


14.        Write this time in words… (e.g. ‘4.15pm’ in words is ‘four fifteen pm’ or ‘quarter past four pm’)


15.        Write this number in words… (e.g. ‘2,310’ in words is ‘two thousand, three hundred and ten’)


16.        A general knowledge, history or arts question (e.g. ‘What did Van Gogh do for a living?’)


17.        How many…? (e.g. ‘How many people are there in this room?’)


18.        Spell the word… (e.g. ‘entertainment’)


19.        What is the opposite of…? (e.g. the opposite of ‘hot’ is ‘cold’)


20.        Who is the… person in your team? (e.g. oldest, richest, nicest, etc.)