Complete each sentence using either yesterday or tomorrow:


1. The Prime Minister gave a long speech about the economy ____________________. It was pretty boring!


2. When I saw you ____________________ I forgot to tell you that the conference won’t be finishing until ____________________ night.


3. Sal should’ve told me ____________________ that she won’t be able to pay us ____________________.


4. I could’ve had a lie in ____________________, if you weren’t leaving so early.


5. Was it busy in town ____________________?


6. I’ll be sorry to see you go when you leave ____________________.


7. If I can get a day off work ____________________, I’ll be able to spend a bit of time with you.


8. If I could’ve bought you a birthday present ____________________ I would’ve done.


9. We’re going on holiday to Venice ____________________.


10. I’ve never really liked Mexican food, but I really enjoyed the meal ____________________.


11. You must have rung the wrong number ____________________, because I was at home all morning.


12. Can you do the washing up that’s been sitting here since ____________________, please?


13. We were gardening for about two hours ___________________ morning.


14. Could I have a go on your new computer game when I come round ____________________?


15. I think it should be quite sunny ____________________.