All the answers begin with successive letters of the alphabet in this fun team quiz:



A          A foreigner, or someone who comes from another planet.

B         A place where you can deposit money.

C         A family pet who might chase birds and mice.

D         A large port in the south-east of the UK.

E          A popular soap opera broadcast on BBC1.

F          The last day of the working week.

G         The opposite of ‘rough’.

H         You need this to pump blood around your body.

I           A European country. Its capital city is Rome.

J          Trousers; usually made of denim.

K         You use this to boil water in the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

L          This is what you get when you borrow money from the bank.

M         Pork, beef, chicken and ham are all types of this.

N         Preposition. The opposite of ‘far’.

O         The first number.

P          Something that you open at Christmas or on your birthday.

Q         You stand in this when you wait in line at a supermarket.

R         A colour that symbolises the Communist party.

S          The name of woolly animals who love to eat grass.

T          Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, and Rev are all examples of this.

U         How to describe someone who is not attractive.

V          A city in Italy that is famous for its canals.

W         A season. In England it is cold and frosty.

X          You have this if you have a special quality that is indescribable.

Y          Something you say to agree with people.

Z          A black and white animal.