All the answers begin with successive letters of the alphabet in this fun team quiz:



A          A continent where you might see some penguins.

B         You can hear these being rung before a church service.

C         A fortress which kept out invaders in times gone by.

D         The animal commonly known as ‘man’s best friend’.

E          You need these to hear anything!

F          Something that you don’t have to pay for can be described as this.

G         A relaxing game played over eighteen holes.

H         Where you end up if you break your leg and need an operation.

I           The name for someone who is really foolish.

J          You tell this to make somebody laugh.

K         A place where a dog may sleep.

L          There are many different ones spoken throughout the world.

M         A famous board game in which you have to buy properties and build hotels.

N         A bird will build this out of twigs for its family to live in.

O         A meal made from eggs and milk. You can add cheese, tomatoes, ham, etc.

P          You usually have two of these at the top of your trousers and one at the back.

Q         A major city in Canada.

R         Used to draw straight lines, or a King or Queen.

S          The opposite of ‘weak’.

T          You produce these when you cry.

U         A very useful thing to have if it starts raining!

V          A type of material that feels very soft to the touch.

W         Rain, sunshine, thunder, cloud cover, and drizzle are all types of this.

X          This is a kind of photograph showing the inside of your body.

Y          There are twelve months in every one.

Z          The number before ‘one’.