Match the classic book with its author:





1. The Secret Garden                                               a) Charles Dickens


2. Rebecca                                                                b) George Orwell


3. 1984                                                                       c) George Eliot


4. Of Mice and Men                                                  d) William Golding


5. The Pilgrim’s Progress                                        e) Daphne Du Maurier


6. Lord of the Flies                                                    f) John Steinbeck


7. As You Like It                                                        g) Frances Hodgson Burnett


8. The Lord of the Rings                                           h) John Bunyan


9. Brave New World                                                  i) Fyodor Dostoyevsky


10. Little Women                                                       j) Aldous Huxley


11. Kidnapped                                                          k) William Shakespeare


12. David Copperfield                                              l) Leo Tolstoy


13. Crime and Punishment                                      m) J R R Tolkien


14. The Mill on the Floss                                          n) Louisa May Alcott


15. Anna Karenina                                                    o) Robert Louis Stevenson