Write a definition for each of the following slang terms.


Note: (n.) means the word is a noun and (a.) means it is an adjective:





A      argy bargy (n.)                    ___________________________________


B      belly button (n.)                   ___________________________________


C      clanger (n.)                          ___________________________________


D      dog’s breakfast (n.)            ___________________________________


E      easy peasy (a.)                   ___________________________________


F       five finger discount (n.)      ___________________________________


G      gee gee (n.)                        ___________________________________


H      humungous (a.)                   ___________________________________


I        icky (a.)                                ___________________________________


J       joanna (n.)                           ___________________________________


K      knuckle sandwich (n.)        ___________________________________


L       lounge lizard (n.)                 ___________________________________


M      monkey suit (n.)                  ___________________________________




Extra time: write three sentences using each slang term.