Write a definition for each of the following slang terms.


Note: (n.) means the word is a noun, (a.) means it is an adjective and (v.) means it is a verb:





N      nifty (a.)                                ___________________________________


O      oomph (n.)                           ___________________________________


P      pug ugly (a.)                        ___________________________________


Q      quack (n.)                            ___________________________________


R      rust-bucket (n.)                    ___________________________________


S      spare tyre (n.)                     ___________________________________


T       toodle-oo! (interjection)     ___________________________________


U      upchuck (v.)                         ___________________________________


V      vamoose (v.)                       ___________________________________


W     whatchamacallit (n.)           ___________________________________


X      Xmas (n.)                            ___________________________________


Y       yuppie (n.)                           ___________________________________


Z       zillionaire (n.)                      ___________________________________




Extra time: write three sentences using each slang term.