Match the Australian slang term on the left with the correct meaning on the right:






1. footy                                              a) a barbecue


2. a barbie                                         b) an idiot


3. fair dinkum                                   c) to rest and relax, especially watching TV


4. an earbashing                             d) a lot


5. Aussie                                           e) a friend


6. a cobber                                       f) money


7. heaps                                            g) Australian


8. moolah                                          h) an English person


9. a dipstick                                      i) Australian Rules Football


10. a dunny                                      j) true; genuine


11. the Outback                               k) a sustained period of nagging


12. a Pom                                          l) a horrible person


13. a mongrel                                   m) an outside toilet


14. to veg out                                   n) Australia and New Zealand


15. Down Under                              o) the interior of the continent of Australia