Match the Australian slang term on the left with the correct meaning on the right:






1. a chook                                         a) a pub


2. a rellie                                            b) Australia


3. “G’day”                                         c) a fight


4. grog                                               d) a person with bad manners


5. a roo                                              e) an informal greeting


6. a joey                                             f) to become angry


7. a blue                                            g) beer or alcoholic drink


8. “No worries”                               h) a strong term of agreement


9. Oz                                                   i) a postman


10. a boozer                                     j) a chicken


11. to spit the dummy                    k) the name for a baby kangaroo


12. a yobbo                                      l) a member of your family


13. a postie                                       m) a university


14. “Too right!”                               n) a kangaroo


15. a uni                                            o) a friendly term meaning “No problem”