Below is a list of holidays and special days that are celebrated in the UK each year. Work with a partner to find the correct dates and find out what is special about each day:




Holiday or Special Day:                                   Date:


New Year’s Day                                                 ___________________________

St Valentine’s Day                                             ___________________________

St David’s Day                                                   ___________________________

Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)                           ___________________________

St Patrick’s Day                                                ___________________________

Mother’s Day                                                     ___________________________

British Summer Time Starts                                ___________________________

Good Friday                                                      ___________________________

Easter Sunday                                                   ___________________________

Easter Monday Bank Holiday                              ___________________________

St George’s Day                                                ___________________________

May Day Bank Holiday                                       ___________________________

Spring Bank Holiday                                           ___________________________

Father’s Day                                                      ___________________________

Longest Day (Summer Solstice)                          ___________________________

August Bank Holiday                                          ___________________________

British Summer Time Ends                                 ___________________________

Hallowe’en                                                         ___________________________

Bonfire Night                                                      ___________________________

Remembrance Sunday                                       ___________________________

Shortest Day (Winter Solstice)                            ___________________________

Christmas Eve                                                   ___________________________

Christmas Day                                                   ___________________________

Boxing Day                                                       ___________________________

New Year’s Eve                                                 ___________________________

My birthday                                                       ___________________________

My friend’s birthday                                            ___________________________

My teacher’s birthday                                         ___________________________