I don’t like gardening,


because dirt gets in my nails.


Keesha wants a good job,


because she wants to earn a lot of money.


The bus was late,


so I was late for work.


I was worried about burglars,


so I fitted a burglar alarm.


The children are happy,


because it is Christmas Day tomorrow.


I used to go to London often,


but I don’t any more.


I went outside,


because I needed some fresh air.


They gave me ten pounds


and a bottle of wine for my birthday.


The UK is a great place to live,


because the weather is so mild.


My cousin is getting divorced,


but she still loves her husband.


I don’t watch TV very often,


or use the internet.


The dress was just right,


so I bought it.


You will have to work harder,


or you could lose your job.


I’m going to get a new car


and a CD player to put in it.


Her favourite song is ‘Angels’,



because it reminds her of her boyfriend.