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Age of War 2 was created by MaxGames. This game takes a player on a journey from the cavemen times through to the far future when cyborgs and robots rule the world. The purpose of the game is to destroy your enemy’s castle while you protect your own castle. You want to advance through the ages as fast as you possibly can.

In order to get to the next age you will need to accumulate experience points. These points are acquired when different units fall during your battles. You can also use experience points to invoke special powers such as summoning meteors, a rain of arrows, or lightening. All of these powers will wipe out an entire battlefield of all of your enemies units.

During the game you have 4 types of units that you will produce and control. A support unit will attack from a range. The infantry units are melee. There are armored units that will create a lot of damage and then there are anti-armour units whose specialty is to bring down the armored units of your enemies. The key to winning this game is to use these different units in different combinations. Creating a diverse group of units you should be able to get your army to your enemy’s castle.

During the game you will be able to upgrade your units to make them even stronger and tougher. This will provide them with an edge over your enemies when you are assaulting your enemy base.

You can also upgrade your own base by adding a turret tower in order to protect your base from the enemy if you do not have soldiers out on the field. You can add cannons, catapults, spear throwers, griffin heads that will spew fireballs, and large cross bows to your turret tower for further protection.

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