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When it comes to games to play there are very few among us that can resist a good driving game. You have to admit, when you see that race car simulation game in the arcade it is likely going to be one of the first ones that you go to.

American Racing is a game created by TurboNuke and the draw of the game is that it seeks out to provide gamers with that steering wheel operated action that is found in arcades across the country. For the most part, this game does a good job of it.

To play you will first select an event on the calendar. You will then be taken to the track to start. You will use the arrow keys or the WASD keys in order to brake, accelerate, and turn in either direction as you race around the track. You will come up on opponents that you will need to race around. Getting in the right position behind one of your opponents will provide you with a small burst of speed. It also adds to your boost meter. You can activate your boost meter by using the shift, control, or X buttons.

Most of the events in the game are standard races. However, there are also a few challenges along the way. Each of the racing events has certain requirements in order to clear them or to get your gold medal.

When you finish events and damage your opponents during a race you will be provided with cash. This cash can be used to upgrade your car. As you clear different races you will unlock new events on your calendar.

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