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Bad Eggs online is another worms type of game only instead of worms it uses eggs. The game offers a large range of weapons combined with a silliness and humor one would expect from a game of this type.

Bad Eggs Online 2 uses multi-player services and registering and logging in is seamless across multiple sites. You can login to play the game easily across whatever site that you wish.

There are several game modes available including the classic one versus one duel up to a six player duel that combines 3 people per team. When you play in a public match you never really know who is going to be on your team and who you will end up playing against. You can also create your own private battles. When creating a private battle you are given a code that you can share through private message. This allows you to play with your friends.

As with every worm type game, the weapons that you have need to be good. This is where the Bad Eggs game really shines. There are many weapons from which to choose from grenades and rocket launchers to more wacky weapons such as a frying pan, a “rain” bow, a robot panda, and more.

For each turn you are given several fixed weapons and a few random weapons. More weapons are available as you level up.

You can play the game for free, but there are purchases that you can make such as weapon packs and costumes.

Overall, this is a fun battle game that allows you to play with others online. You can choose to create your own private matches against your friends or to simply join in with strangers and have some fun battling it out.

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