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The best way to think about the game Bad Eggs is that it is similar to Worms, only it uses eggs instead. The game offers a large range of weapons and a combination of silliness and humor that makes it a very fun and addicting game to play.

There are several game modes from which to choose. You can choose to play the simple one versus one mode and go up against a single opponent up to playing with six players in a three versus three battle. The teams will be split into a red team and a blue team and you never know who you are going to be going up against when you choose a public match.

You also have the option of creating a private battle. When you do this you will be given a code to use through private message. This can be a fun way to play with your friends.

It is with the weaponry that is provided that this game really shines. You have your standard grenades and rocket launchers, but also some wacky weapons as well. Some of these include a frying pan, a robot panda, a “rain” bow, a splurge gun, and a nuke. With each turn you are given several fixed weapons as well as some random ones.

You unlock new weapons by leveling up. You can also purchase weapons packs. While the game is free to play, but many people like to drop a few dollars on purchasing some fun weapons packs in order to enhance their play.

Bad eggs is a fun game that you can play with people online. You will battle it out with strangers or if you want, get a group of friends together and battle in your own private room. Either way, the game changes every time you play and provides hours of entertainment.

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