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Battle Panic is a strategy defense game created by Ninja Kiwi. In this game the kingdom has been taken over by something called Orcs. It is up to you to save your kingdom and bring back what is rightfully yours.

In each level you will start with a basic set of defenses as well as a few resources. You will have about sixty seconds to either build buildings or mine before the units of the orc army begin to approach.

The game offers a fairly familiar concept. However, what makes the game of Battle Panic stand out from other games of this type are the controls. In order to heal, destroy, mine, and build you will simply move your mouse over to the object that you wish to interact with. You only have to click if you need any type of reinforcement or resources for what you are doing.

To fight simply place the cursor over an enemy. A large sword will appear and create damage. The sword can be upgraded throughout play.

If your troops are injured you can play a medic simply by runnin your cursor over the injured party. A golden aura will appear to heal your soldier.

Now, this is where you will need to strategize a bit. You can only place your cursor in one spot at a time so you will need to decide where to best spend your energy. This may be in the forests and gold mines, or on the battlefield, or back home building up your defense.

While the basic idea of the game is not new, the game offers good sound effects and graphics. There are also many upgrades and around 12 levels to provide you with all of the entertainment you need for an afternoon of war.

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