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Chances are that if you are looking at Bloons Tower Defense 4 expansion you have already played the Bloons Tower Defense 4 game many times and have defeated all of the paths, gotten all of the upgrades, and you are now looking for something more.

The td4 expansion is just what you want as this will get you back to wasting your time on the computer, which is just what you like. This expansion pack contains a ton of upgrades to the game.

If you are just coming across this expansion pack, you should know that bloons td 4 is a tower defense game that involves a track. Along the track there will be balloons. Your purpose in the game is to place towers along the path that are manned by monkeys to stop the balloons before they wreak havoc throughout the neighborhood.

The expansion pack offers five iterations as the core game, from basic to the extreme. The types of balloons are the same as well. Where the differences come in are with the new levels that are created in this expansion.

There are four new tracks to play, a new mode called deflation, further tower specialties, and a wonderful surprise that is hidden within one of the tracks.

The tracks range from being somewhat simple to extremely difficult. Each of the tracks are great to look at from a sandy beach to a fun underground lair. Each of the tracks requires you to think carefully about your game strategy.

Overall, if you enjoyed the previous versions of Bloons Tower Defense games you are going to really love this great expansion pack as it provides you with several more hours of entertainment.

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