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The Bloons games have been quite popular for some time now and Bloons Tower Defense 3 simply picks up where Bloons Tower Defense 2 had left off. This next version of the game offers even more tracks to play on, with 8 in total, there are new monkeys to play with, and the gameplay mechanics have been upgraded. Essentially, this is the upgrade to the game that players have been waiting for.

Many fans were disappointed in the Bloons TD 2, so those individuals will be pleased with this newer version of the game that provides them with everything they thought was missing in the previous sequel.

In this version of the game the monkeys have come back to face off against balloons that are coming down the track. There are new balloons added to the tracks. While it only takes one hit to pop a balloon, in later levels of this game there are balloons that are hidden inside of balloons. It gets even worse as you progress as some of the bloons have dozens of others inside of them. There are also porcelain balloons that have to be hit repeatedly in order to open. The ultra MOAB looks like a zeppelin and has to be hit with every weapon that you have only to pop and reveal even more bloons hiding inside.

With the new bloons you also get more tricks to help you out. A new monkey tower is called the spike o pult and it will throw a big spiked ball onto the track. This ball pops any bloons that come its way. There are several other new towers to use throughout the game as well.

Overall, Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a great sequel to the first version of the game that everyone loved.

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