Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Like the other games in this series, players are faced with a series of monkeys located around a map. The only thing these monkeys want to do is pop balloons. Fortunately for the monkeys, the Bloons maps are full of balloons.

The balloons in the game will travel through a path that is pre-determined. The monkeys try to pop the balloons before they reach the end.

What makes this somewhat simple game worth playing is that this latest version offers a great variety in the towers and maps provided. There were 15 maps available when the game was launched and new ones have been added since then. This great selection of maps means that no two play alike.

In addition to the layouts of the maps, there is also a great deal of visual variety. The lower level maps are simply green or brown or a basic white. When you reach some of the other levels you will be playing on train yards that use a number of tracks for entry points, in space, and even on maps that are shaped like cars, pentagrams, and lightning storms. You will have to earn medals in order to unlock the majority of the maps.

The towers offer a great variety as well. There are many different types of monkeys such as ones that spray glue guns, others that throw boomerangs, super monkeys, and even wizard monkeys, and many more. Just like the maps, upgrades and towers are unlocked through playing the game. The more time that you invest in the game the more options that you will have to play with.

One other interesting twist to this version of the game is that players can place banana farms that will allow them to earn money after every turn.

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