Bob the Inventor

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When you first open up this game you will be told the story of Bob. Essentially, you learn that Bob is a divorced man who is unemployed, fat, poor, lazy, boring, small, and mostly fat. The game seems to really want you to understand that Bob is a real loser.

Bob dreamed of becoming rich and finally he was tired of procrastinating and decided to invest everything that he owned into a new hobby. Bob was ready to change himself as well as the world, so he decided that he would become an inventor.

During the game you will play as Bob the inventor. You will be asked to put items together in order to create a new invention. Once you have created a new item you will bring it to market and try to earn money.

When you first open up the screen you will be asked to invent something. You will have a list of items located at the bottom of the screen from which to choose. You are allowed to combine two items. Once you have chosen your items you will click invent and a new product will come up.

You will then be taken to a map where you will choose a location to sell your item. On the bottom of the screen there will be a timeline that goes through the months and you will be able to see what people think about your product. Once they have gone through the entire twelve months you can go to your market and see how much money that you have earned.

Overall, this game is fairly easy to play and kind of fun as it allows you to combine everyday items to create new items. You will want to try to build high quality items and earn as much money as possible.

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