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Boxhead fans will be happy to know that the long awaited sequel to this fun game is finally here. If you are a true fan of the Boxhead games, you are going to love this newest version of the game. It is similar to the other versions as the goal is to kill zombies, but this version allows you to join forces with your friends to fight against the zombie enemies. In an added twist you can even make your friends your enemy and fight against them.

You will find 10 different weapons to use in your quest to defeat the zombies. Players who are new to this game or anyone that has played the other versions will love the amount of new rooms that are available in this version of the game.

In this latest version of Boxhead, Jon Bambo is joining forces with 3 new professional zombie killers. There are three modes of play from which to choose, you can play by yourself, in a cooperative match with your friends, or you can choose a death match. There are 10 new rooms available in this version, for a total of 18 rooms to play in. The weaponry is completely devastating and something all players are truly going to love.

The new rooms provide a new style for play and there are new options available for how the game works. Two people can play using the same computer with keys being designated to each player.

With the additional rooms available, a fun cooperative deathmatch mode, and even better weapons, this has to be the best version in the Boxhead series. Grab a friend and start your battle.

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