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If you enjoyed the previous 2 versions of Bubble Struggle, you are going to enjoy the latest version, Bubble Struggle 3. This game was developed after the older Bubble Trouble game. During this game you have the same objectives that were found in Bubble Trouble.

In Bubble Trouble 3 you are a devil that has a gun. Your goal is to shoot at the bubbles to pop them. Each time you hit one of the bubbles it splits into smaller bubbles. When the bubbles get to small to split they will burst. You can play this game with one or two players.

The first few levels of the game are quite easy as they are designed to get you used to playing the game. The main technique is to pop the largest bubble, which will then split into 2 smaller bubbles. One of the bubbles will go to the right and the other will go to the left. You should not try to kill both of them. Start by going after one of them and then when you finish it off go after the other one. As you are shooting the bubbles they will continue to split until they are too small. If you go after both bubbles you will end up becoming overwhelmed.

There are 2 modes of the game available. One has a timer that counts down for each level. There is also a non timed game that can be used for training. It allows you to play the levels for as long as you want.

When playing, popping bubbles quickly will provide you with different bonuses such as additional time, bombs, shields, and other weapons.

Overall, this is a fun game that can be played by people of all ages.

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