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Crush the Castle has been around since the spring of 2009 and remains a popular game today. The goal of the game is to be able to kill all of the inhabitants of different castles by using your trebuchet to fling bombs and large rocks. During the game play you can also create new castle designs and then try to destroy them.

The game design is actually quite simple as you will simply be flinging bombs and rocks towards the castle that you are trying to destroy. You will need to practice getting the right angles so that you hit the castle just right in order to knock it down.

The design of this game is actually what inspired the popular game called Angry Birds. This game was the first of this type that involved flinging one object into another in order to destroy it.

To play the computer version of the game you will use the arrow keys along with the mouse in order to aim your trebuchet. When you are ready to let go, simply release your weapon and it will fly towards the target. If you hit the area just right the castle will begin to crumble.

Overall, this is a very fun game as it allows you to use your math skills in order to destroy another person’s castle. You can even design your own castle and then try to destroy it. This is a fun way to play the game as you will be able to see what types of designs work and what ones do not.

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