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Cyclomaniacs is a game that allows you to race across six different worlds on 26 different tracks. You can unlock up to 20 characters that each have their own unique features. This is the latest offering from robotJam and LongAnimals and it does not disappoint.

It is quite easy to learn the controls for the game, but it will take some time to master them. You will use the arrow keys to control your bike and when you can you will tap on the space bar or X key to bunny hop. When you get launched into the air you will want to hold down the direction keys in order to do a somersault. Performing tricks in mid air and popping wheelies is the best way to build up your stunt bar. When your stunt bar is full you can unlock a large speed boost.

When you are jumping through the air make sure that you are face up when you hit the ground. If you crash your bike in the game you will be taken back to the last checkpoint that you passed. Checkpoints are represented by checkered flags.

When you first start out you will only have access to one track. When you complete specific challenges in the game you will unlock more tracks. Every track that you unlock will provide a new set of challenges that range from modest such as finishing the track in a set amount of time to crazy such as having to ride for 15 seconds in a rear wheelie on a course that is mostly uphill.

Overall, this is a fun biking game that offers many challenges. When you first start playing it can be difficult to get the hang of the controls. However, as you play more and more you will find that the game is really quite fun and something you can end up playing for a long time.

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