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If you played the original version of Earn to Die you know that the hero thought that he was on his way to salvation. However, it seems that he forgot to check and there are still more zombies that are in his way.

In earn to die 2012 the hero of the game is given a whole new mess of cars to use and even more zombies to kill with these new vehicles. This version of the game is an update to the previous version and has all of the stunt action that you would hope for.

Playing the game is quite simple as you will use the arrow keys to drive your car. You want to press up to go faster and down to brake. The left and right arrows will tilt your car. The goal is to get as far as possible through each of the different levels by plowing through the obstacles in front of you as well as the zombies who try to attack you on your way. The farther that you can go and the more zombies that you can kill along the way, the more cash that you will get.

Earning cash is important as this is how you be able to purchase new vehicles and add upgrades to your current fleet of cars. Upgrading your vehicles will mean that you can go even further in your next levels, allowing you the chance to kill even more zombies.

This is a great zombie killing game that is quite easy and fun to play. It can be a bit gory for some people and is not a game for everyone. However, if you enjoy driving games combined with zombie killing, this is a great game to pick up and start playing.

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