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Let’s face it, we have all had a vision of the future where zombies have taken over the planet and the only way to escape is to drive cars across the country and run them over. Toffee games has created this exact scenario in their Earn to Die game.

In this game you are left in a desert with a garage full of upgrades and the chance to earn cash by running out into the wilderness to kill zombies with your car and see how far that you can get.

This game is a bit repetitive, but it has the ability to keep you hooked as you get to crush zombies with a car that has a blade attached to the bumper and the more upgrades that you get, the more decked out your car becomes.

The set up for the game is fairly simple. You will get in your vehicle and drive as far as you can go before you run out of gas. You will crush zombies in order to earn money. The money is then used to add upgrades to your car such as the fuel capacity, engine, weapons, wheel size, and bumper improvements. When upgrading your car it is a careful balance of raw carnage and performance.

One downfall of this game is that there is a lack of depth as you will realize that your purchasing strategies are not all that complex. However, this game is really fun and will provide you many hours of fun and entertainment. After all, who doesn’t want to use a decked out car to kill zombies

Due to its gory content, this game is not suitable for young children.

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