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Flight is a simple launch game that has a simple premise. When you launch the game you will see a little girl who has written a letter to Santa. The letter is then turned into a paper airplane that you are in charge of getting to the North Pole.

To play flight you will click on the paper airplane and then use your mouse to toss it into the air. While this sounds simple, it is tricky to make your paper airplane fly very far at first. The first city that you are traveling through is London and you must make it 1000 meters to get through. With average tosses being anywhere from 10 to 50 meters, it can take awhile to get through the city. Of course as you upgrade your plane the distances it can fly increases.

As you toss your airplane you can catch coins. These coins are then used to purchase upgrades to your plane. The upgrades include making the plane lighter, adding an engine, and adding in flight controls. When you make upgrades you will use the spacebar and other keys to use them. The directions for each upgrade are provided on the screen.

Overall, this is a fairly simple game that has a lot of charm that makes it worth playing. The graphics are clean and the game plays really quickly. Each area of the world that you travel to has its own design. However, most of the time is spent at the higher altitudes so you do not get to see much of the cities that you are in. Flight has a neat little storyline, good graphics, is easy to play, and can be quite addictive as you are trying to make your paper airplane fly further and further.

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