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When it comes down to it, who can resist a good racing game? Racing games are the perfect game for all ages. After all, you get to drive fast and race against other people, what could be more fun.

The Formula Racer game was a great racing game and extremely popular. The sequel to this game is Formula Racer 2012. In this version of the game the same engine is used to run the game.

The experience of the sequel is a bit different though as now you have the ability to race against and with different car classes. In addition, in Formula Racer 2012 you can upgrade your car to any of the levels that are offered. You can also set up each of the cars with different attributes.

In order to become the best Formula Racer 2012 you will need to take advantage of everything that is offered to you in the form of upgrades. Unlike the original game, the 2012 version has only a few of the tracks that are designated for each class of car. This means that you will race on certain tracks with a certain type of car.

Each of the races go for 2 laps and there are 32 cars involved in the race. This includes your car. Another difference in this version of the game is that you are now allowed to choose the tire type that you want, either wet or dry. The game tells you before the race what type of weather conditions to expect for the race. While picking the wrong tires does not mean that you are going to struggle, it does mean that you are going to have your work cut out for you if you want to win.

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