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In the original Freeway Fury and the sequel, you were in control of a character that would beat up aliens and people and then drive cars that went really fast. In this latest version of the game, there is more of a storyline to follow. It is in this third version that there are some motivations behind the protagonist. These motivations are really quite simple, it turns out that he just likes to beat up people and drive fast cars.

Playing the game is just like the other versions. You will move your car along the freeway with the arrow buttons or the WASD keys. You will want to reach your checkpoints before you run out of time. The roads are crowded so you will want to learn how to climb onto the roof of your current car and jump onto a new one. You do this by aiming your arrow keys in a certain way. You have to be careful when you are doing this because if you miss you die. You can earn plenty of bonus points by hopping from car to car in succession.

During game play if you perform tricks you will earn nitrous oxide. This can be used by holding the up key in. It will give your speed a boost.

The fury meter is something new to this version of the game. It fills up when you complete tricks. When it is full you will enter the fury mode where you will earn more points for tricks and you will go even faster. Perhaps the best part about this mode is if you car happens to explode you will given a second chance to move to a newer one.

In Freeway Fury 3 there are three levels to complete that each have seven checkpoints. This leads to a fantastic boss battle.

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