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For those who have been patiently waiting, the time is finally here. The indestructo king is back. Indestruc2tank is a refurbishment of the flash classic. This game offers 3 free modes at your disposal.

In the first mode is a simple reskin of the original game. During this mode you will be the pilot of a tank that is indestructible. You control the tank using the left and the right arrows. You want to try to run into the bombs and the other projectiles that are thrown at you as the explosions will then propel you into the air so that you can take out planes and helicopters. Each enemy that you hit will propel you further, which means that you can bounce in succession several times racking up more and more combos.

The enhanced mode offers a fun new feature which is the boom meter. This will fill up as you are destroying enemies and then will allow you to jump when it is full. This is really useful as it will allow you to keep up a combo when you are in a pinch. This is a great resource to save for a break when there is nothing on the screen.

The final mode that is available is the story mode. In this mode you will work through levels and attempts to give some reasoning behind the game beyond just racking up points and improving your tank.

Overall, this game is a whole lot of fun and allows you to drive a tank and try to bounce it off of enemy fire in order to destroy more things and get more points. The classic and enhanced mode are all about getting points. The story mode provides you with a guide to get through the game.

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