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When it comes to sequels of games it is often a hit or miss. The good news is that Learn 2 Fly 2, The Emperor Strikes Back is a definite hit. Light Bringer definitely did not waste their time during development as this new version of the game has a lot to offer.

Learn 2 Fly is even better than the original game and the original game was pretty great. In this version players get more gameplay modes, upgrades that are more interesting, more tricks, challenges, and even more customizations and achievements. Even the cutscenes are better, which is impressive because the cut scenes from the original are pretty great.

When playing you will have 3 gameplay modes from which to choose. The story mode offers a new twist of obstacles including the iceberg that was the downfall of your character in the first game. You have to destroy the iceberg in order to succeed.

The second mode is the classic mode and it is basically the same as the first game. You will need to fly as far as you can to the right.

The third mode is arcade. In this mode you have 3 different budgets and the idea is to get the highest score possible with that set amount of money.

To play you can choose your keyboard controls. You can either use the right and left arrow keys along with the space bar to control your boosts or you can use your mouse by moving the cursor to control your angles and then clicking for a boost.

Overall, this is a fun game that improves on the original, which is something that is not often seen. If you liked the first version of the game you are truly going to love the sequel.

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